Our mission is to highlight Pittsburgh as a chemical industry center and to provide a premier, one-day forum for idea sharing and for insight into current key issues affecting the chemical industry. Our focus is to deliver an exceptional value to sales, marketing, purchasing and other industry professionals.

How it

Founding fathers Harry Pugh (Chemical Sales Association/Monsanto) and Art Morgan (Purchasing Association/PPG Industries) met for lunch in 1967 to discuss the feasibility of a joint group dinner. Upon agreement to move forward, the Chemical Marketing Association and its Chairman Ray Siren were also invited; ultimately Ralph Reed, President Elect of the Sales Association, was selected to chair the initial Pittsburgh Chemical Day affair. The event was held on April 18, 1968, a date which coincided with National Chemical Week. Anticipating a crowd of 80-90, the event’s founders were astounded when 203 people convened at Chatham Center to hear John Gillis, Vice President, Monsanto, speak about "The International Posture of the U.S. Chemical Industry." Sponsored by the aforementioned associations, the full committee for the first Pittsburgh Chemical Day consisted of the following:

  • H. Carlson Sinclair
  • Q. Ebert
    PPG Industries
  • P. LaGrotteria
    Pittsburgh Activated Carbon
  • A. Morgan
    PPG Industries
  • T. Onett
    Koppers Company
  • F. Parkin
    Parkin Chemical
  • J. Payne
    Carnegie Mellon University
  • H. Pugh
  • R. Reed
    Chemply, Inc.
  • J. Rogers
  • W. Sawyer
    PPG Industries
  • R. Siren
  • J. Snyder
    Allegheny Solvents
  • S. Varga
    Air Reduction
  • D. Weimer
    Koppers Company

How it

Pittsburgh Chemical Day wasn't always a full-day event complete with Workshop, Forum and Dinner. Its early years called for evening cocktails, a dinner, and an address by a well respected member of the Chemicals Industry family. CEO's and Presidents of Fortune 500 companies have graced the Chemical Day dais. Past keynote speakers are so sufficiently impressed that they often endorse participation with future keynote speakers.

  • 2015 - Michael McGarry
    President & CEO
    PPG Industries
  • 2014 - George Biltz
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Axiall Corporation
  • 2013 - Dennis Yablonsky
    Chief Executive Officer
    Allegheny Conference on Community Development
  • 2012 - Leonard Dolhert
    Chief Executive Officer
    Aither Chemicals
  • 2011 - Randy G. Woelfel
    Chief Executive Officer
    NOVA Chemicals
  • 2010 - Greg Babe
    President & Chief Executive Officer
    Bayer Corporation and Bayer MaterialScience LLC
  • 2009 - Dr. Kurt Bock
    Chief Financial Officer, BASF SE;
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, BASF Corporation
  • 2008 - Stacy Methvin
    President and CEO of
    Shell Chemical Company LP
  • 2007 - Randy Dearth
    President & CEO
    Lanxess Corporation
  • 2006 - Madeleine Jacobs
    Executive Director & CEO
    American Chemical Society
  • 2005 - Charles E. Bunch
    President & CEO
    PPG Industries
  • 2004 - Gregori Lebedev
    President & CEO
    American Chemistry Council
  • 2003 - Myron Galuskin
    President, Rhodia Inc.
  • 2002 - Jeffrey M. Lipton
    CEO, NOVA Chemicals
  • 2001 - Paul W. Chellgren
    Chairman & CEO
    Ashland Inc.
  • 2000 - William S. Stavropoulos
    President & CEO
    The Dow Chemical Company
  • 1999 - Harold A. "Hap" Wagner
    President & CEO
    Air Products and Chemicals
  • 1998 - J. Roger Hirl
    President & CEO
    Occidental Chemical Corporation
  • 1997 - John A. Krol
    President & CEO,
  • 1996 - G. Richard Wagoner Jr.
    President, General Motors
    North American Operations
  • 1995 - Jon M. Huntsman
    Chairman of the Board & CEO,
    Huntsman Group
  • 1994 - Thomas L. Gossage
    Chairman President & CEO,
    Hercules Inc.
  • 1993 - Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr.
    Eastman Chemical Company
  • 1992 - Helge H. Wehmeier
    President & CEO,
    Miles, Inc.
  • 1991 - James W. Kinnear
    President & CEO,
    Texaco, Inc
  • 1990 - The Honorable Peter K. Nune
    Assistant Secretary (Enforcement)
    Department of Treasury
    United States of America
  • 1989 - H. Eugene McBrayer
    Exxon Chemical Company
  • 1988 - Robert D. Kennedy
    Chairman of the Board & CEO,
    Union Carbide Corporation
  • 1987 - Dr. Konrad Weis
    President & CEO
    Bayer USA, Inc.
  • 1986 - Vincent A. Sarni
    Chairman of the Board & CEO,
    PPG Industries, Inc.
  • 1985 - Ray R. Irani
    Occidental Petroleum Corporation
  • 1984 - Alexander F. Giacco
    Chairman of the Board & CEO,
    Hercules Corporation
  • 1983 - Edward L. Hennessy
    Chairman of the Board & CEO,
    Allied Corporation
  • 1982 - Richard E. Heckert
    Vice Chairman & CEO,
  • 1981 - J. Peter Grace
    President & CEO
    W. R. Grace & Co.
  • 1980 - Richard J. Mahoney
    Monsanto Company
  • 1979 - Paul F Oreffice
    President & CEO,
    Dow Chemical Corporation
  • 1978 - Gerhard Dittmar
    Bayer AG
  • 1977 - David M. Roderick
    U. S. Steel Corporation
  • 1976 - Werner C. Brown
    President & CEO,
    Hercules Inc.
  • 1975 - J. P. St. Clair
    President & Executive VP,
    Shell Chemical Co., Shell Oil Co.
  • 1974 - Z. D. Bonner
    President & CEO & Executive VP,
    Gulf Oil Company
    Gulf Oil Corporation
  • 1973 - Charles H. Simpson
    Airco Industrial Gases
  • 1972 - Fletcher L. Byrom
    Chairman of the Board & CEO,
    Koppers Company
  • 1971 - Robinson F. Barker
    Chairman of the Board & CEO,
    PPG Industries, Inc.
  • 1970 - Carl A. Gerstacker
    Chairman of the Board & CEO,
    Dow Chemical Corporation
  • 1969 - James G. Baldwin
    Executive Vice President,
    Hooker Chemical Company
  • 1968 - John L. Gillis
    Vice President

Support and enthusiasm for Pittsburgh Chemical Day from its inception continues to be stong. This support comes from local Pittsburgh executives or those chemical industry related personnel who have succeeded the original full committee. Although the Chemical Marketing Association and the Sales Association have both folded, their membership has been absorbed by the Chemical Association of Pittsburgh. It is this group that provides the majority of the personnel who make the event successful. The Joint Chemical Group, comprised of past Pittsburgh Chemical Day chairpeople, provides guidance and counsel for the General Chairperson and his/her committees. Over the past four decades, Pittsburgh Chemical Day has grown to become the largest one-day event in the chemicals industry. With virtually every major chemical company and industry publication in annual attendance, Pittsburgh Chemical Day is perceived as one of the industry's most informative and influential events of the year.